Are you tired of trying new ways to achieve financial security with little or no success or living in a state of regret because you let (or weren’t even aware of) opportunities that could have made you financially secure pass you by? Then it’s time to get on the real path to fulfilling your financial destiny – Learn to recognize and remove thought and belief barriers that block wealth creation.

From the Desk of: Sherrin Ross Ingram
Date: February 23rd, 2017

If I gave you detailed information on how to take advantage of a specific wealth building opportunity, are you prepared to apply the information right now? Have you purchased a book or paid good money to attend a seminar to learn about a specific wealth building strategy, but you never made a real effort to use the information?

My name is Sherrin Ross Ingram, and I’ve taught wealth building seminars for many years. I’ve had thousands of people come through my seminars to learn how to buy properties in foreclosure and invest in delinquent real estate tax liens. From my experience, I can honestly say that most people I teach sabotage their own efforts to become wealthy because they have not mentally prepared themselves to apply the information I provide.

After years of providing valuable wealth building information, I realized that before I can help someone take advantage of a specific wealth building strategy, I need to first help that person prepare their mind to work with their efforts to achieve financial security. And that’s the secret to wealth: having and acting on the right mindset!

Imagine being able to recognize a wealth building opportunity and FEELING COMPELLED to take advantage of that opportunity.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right mindset. A Wealth Mentality is that mindset. With a Wealth Mentality, you can:

– encourage wealth building thoughts and behaviors;
– think about and recognize wealth building opportunities;
– compel yourself to take advantage of wealth building opportunities; and
– structure your lifestyle to maximize and preserve the wealth you create.

Think about it. Your mind is your greatest personal asset. Although we don’t fully understand the full range of abilities that potentially exists within the human mind, we do know that we have the ability to learn (and unlearn) habits and improve our intuitive abilities. It is these abilities that you can learn to harness and exploit to achieve your financial goals.

Announcing: Wealth Mentality®: Program Yourself to Get and Keep the Wealth You Want.

Wealth Mentality® is a guide for helping you recognize and clear away the mental clutter that blocks wealth creation. Once the mental clutter is gone, you can begin training your mind to focus on specific thoughts and actions. This will enable you to recognize and act on wealth building opportunities.

By “programming” yourself for wealth (i.e., developing certain skills and habits that promote wealth development), you can learn how to set the stage for real and lasting financial achievement!

In just weeks, you can be on your way to developing and maintaining a mentality that helps you take advantage of wealth building strategies instead of wasting your time and money on getting information that you’re not prepared to apply.

Maybe you’re starting from financial ground zero and you need to understand the basics about personal finances. Wealth Mentality® can help you! Just make sure you do all the activities in book and you’ll be on your way to formulating your own personal financial education program that focuses on getting the information you need to get to your desired level of financial literacy. Becoming financially literate in the many aspects of personal and business finance and in specific wealth building strategies is part of developing and maintaining a Wealth Mentality.

“Wealth Mentality: Program Yourself To Get And Keep The Wealth You Want … is a psychological “self-help” guide to overcoming emotional and personality obstructions standing in the way of achieving personal wealth, whether it be for a comfortable lifestyle, or to insure sufficient funds to send children through college, or preparing for a secure retirement. A practical guide that places as much importance on personal psyche and image as practical behaviors to avoid bad credit or ill-fated business decisions, Wealth Mentality is a solid primer that is highly recommended for the non-specialist general reader looking to improve his or her personal financial situation and prospects.”

Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

Perhaps you’ve achieved some measure of financial success and you’re only looking to improve your ability to recognize potential wealth building opportunities. Then you’ll want to focus on Step 8 and you’ll find information that will help you polish your existing skills and cultivate new insights.

Are you someone who only wants to improve your financial situation and doesn’t want to make the sacrifices you think are necessary to become wealthy? Well, you’ll definitely want to get this information. Not only will you explore your reasons for wanting to be (or not be) wealthy, you’ll also learn how having a Wealth Mentality® is like having your own personal wealth building machine that you can put on auto-pilot. Like tying your shoes or feeding yourself, having a Wealth Mentality® will cause you to do certain things that work toward securing your financial future without it seeming like a real effort or a sacrifice. Wealth building will just naturally become a part of your life. When your wealth building behavior is on auto-pilot, you’re free to focus on improving and achieving balance in the other areas of your life.

“Like many people, I’ve been trying to “get rich” for quite some time. I’ve tried many things and it has never seemed to work out. I’ve blamed everything and everyone (including myself) at various times. Wealth Mentality forces you to take a long, hard look in the mirror to find out if your way of thinking is the true culprit. It helps you examine thought and belief barriers that work against building long-term wealth. I highly recommend it to those who want to be proactive about developing wealth!”

Allen Paul, New York, NY

There is even a chapter devoted to dealing with setbacks. Let’s face it. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. There will always be financial setbacks – but these setbacks don’t have to paralyze you or cause financial ruin. If you apply certain Wealth Mentality Thoughts (provided in Step 11) to your setbacks, they can be a launching pad for even greater opportunities.

I’ve also included a Step on how you can get others to help you achieve your wealth building goals. Inside Step 16, you’ll learn how to develop a support system to increase your enthusiasm and help you stay motivated along your wealth building journey, as well as have a source of individuals with whom you can develop a structured educational program to increase and exchange wealth building knowledge.

No matter what your experience has been, you’ll have a guide that helps you explore the real causes (not just the symptoms or effects) of your current financial situation so that you can overcome these obstacles.

You’ll also discover that Wealth Mentality® won’t give you some canned “feel good” advice with no suggestions for helping you implement the advice. The key is the activities! They seem simple – so simple that you may want to overlook them and continue reading. Don’t do it! Although simple, the activities have the potential for you to uncover real insight about your financial thoughts, beliefs, desires, and goals.

If you really devote quality time to doing the activities and incorporating the advice in the book, you won’t be left watching others experience the benefits and joy of financial security. You’ll have a real basis for identifying your problem areas and making lasting changes in your life.

Other books and seminars that give you specific financial strategies (like investing in stocks, buying real estate, etc.) definitely have their place. These tools should come after you’re mentally ready to receive and apply the information they provide. So unless you simply want to subsidize other’s financial achievement without receiving real benefits yourself, you need to make sure you’re developing and maintaining a Wealth Mentality® before you buy another financial book or attend another financial seminar.

“Wealth Mentality: Program Yourself to Get and Keep the Wealth You Want” is a book about the mental attitudes that are required in order to define and accumulate wealth. For one it might be monetary riches, for another it might be the free time and money to pursue goals, and for another person it might be something entirely different.

The author points out that some people seem to acquire wealth easily while others seem to be continually chasing wealth without ever actually acquiring any. The difference between those that are successful and those that are not is often their mental attitude. Is it enough to be positive? Is it enough to regularly research options? The author argues that these things are not enough. It requires a mentality that leaves the person receptive to opportunities as they come along and able to act on those opportunities. Throughout the book the author teaches how to change your belief system and program yourself to automatically become aware of opportunities as they come along, how to maintain that system, and how to develop a plan to actually move toward your goals.

While it does not cover any aspect of finance, investing or similar parts of wealth generation, it is a very good book on the mentality required as a precursor to getting and keeping wealth.”

Harold McFarland, Readers Preference Reviews

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Valuable Resource?

Your total investment for the Wealth Mentality: Program Yourself to Get and Keep the Wealth Your Want book is just $15.95 (plus shipping and handling). The How to Develop a Wealth Mentality CD is also available for just $15.95 (plus shipping and handling). The money you’ll save (and the money you’ll earn) when you have a Wealth Mentality® working for you can very easily pay you back hundreds (and even thousands) times your meager investment.

Wealth Mentality® can be purchased from your favorite retail or online bookstore. However, if you order the Wealth Mentality® Book AND my How to Develop a Wealth Mentality audio CD (also in MP3 or WAV) Combo through this web site

You’ll get a discount
I‘ll pay for the shipping
I’ll give you four valuable
bonuses for FREE!

As bonuses for investing in the book and CD combo, you’ll get my amazing:
(1) Wealth Mentality Action Guide — The Digital Edition which provides the exercises from the book in a full-page format,
(2) Wealth Mentality Revisited Book
— The Digital Edition which emphasis key points that Wealth Mentality only touched upon,
(3) 40-page How to Start and Get the Most Out of a Wealth Mentality Club — The Digital Edition which helps you establish a support system for your financial goals, and
(4) my best-selling Top 18 Financial Web Sites tip sheet containing the best financial web sites that I recommend to help you maintain a Wealth Mentality and achieve your financial goals.

I discuss each of these bonuses  in more detail below. These bonuses are valued at far more than your investment for the Wealth Mentality book alone.

AND THE BEST PART… My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you’re willing to do your part (do all the activities and follow the advice in the book), your success in using Wealth Mentality to help improve your financial situation is guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that, within the next 30 days, you’ll have a useable assessment of your financial situation and you’ll know how to develop a real game plan for achieving the wealth you want if you make an honest effort to do the exercises and implement the ideas and principles contained in Wealth Mentality. That’s right, you’ve got an entire month to prove to yourself this information really does work. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, return the book in resellable condition and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund your purchase price on the spot. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

Look at it this way — your investment is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on more books and seminars providing information that you’re not prepared to receive and apply and on missed opportunities that you weren’t aware of or compelled to advantage of. That’s why…

You Really Can’t Afford
NOT To Invest In This Book!

make money with a wealth mentalityThe Book
Plus S&H

wealth mentalityThe Audio CD
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wealth mentality

The Book and CD Combo
with Bonuses





make money with the right mindsetThe Wealth Mentality Action Guide provides all of the exercises contained in Wealth Mentality book in a easy to do full-page size format. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the exercises! Simplicity is part of its effectiveness. The exercises are a critical part of the learning experience and help reinforce the mindset you want to develop. The hard copy of this Action Guide sells at my seminars for $19.95. I am giving you the digital edition for FREE when you invest in the book and CD combo!


 make money with the right mindsetI wrote Wealth Mentality Revisited because I want you to get the full benefits of the information contained in my Wealth Mentality book. The book is a powerful tool for getting and staying on the path to achieve your money goals.  After more reflection, however, I realized that there are some important points that Wealth Mentality touched upon that I now believe needs to be emphasized.  That is purpose of the Wealth Mentality Revisited: to emphasize key principles and tools and present additional strategic steps for those who are serious about developing and maintaining a Wealth Mentality. The hard copy of this book sells at my seminars for $19.95. I am giving you the digital edition for FREE when you invest in the book and CD combo!

start an investment or reading clubEveryone needs encouragement and people they can turn to for support on their wealth building journey. A well run Wealth Mentality Club can provide this support for you. A Wealth Mentality Club (… you can give your club any name you want to) works like an investment club, but encompasses much more than just dealing with stocks. With a Wealth Mentality Club, you can develop and polish your Wealth Action Plan, exchange important financial information and research, create new wealth goals, and have accountability goals.This ebook provides step-by-step instructions and all the templates and forms you need to run the club, including forms for developing an educational program to increase and exchange wealth building knowledge; instructions for finding a source of individuals with whom to share the burden of wealth building research, a method for accountability, and much more! The hard copy of this book sells at my seminars for $19.95. I am giving you the digital edition for FREE when you invest in the book and CD combo!

Wealth Mentality Bonus Tip Sheet

The Internet has revolutionized the availability and delivery of information. Never before have so many had access to so much financial information. There are literally hundreds (may be thousands) of financial web sites competing for your time. Most of these sites only provide standard financial information and offer no real special, distinctive or interactive features to help you. That’s why I’ve decided to give you my picks for the top financial web sites. Each site provides a unique feature or tool that helps you develop and maintain a Wealth Mentality. This tip sheet sells at my seminars for $9.95, and it’s yours FREE!



The bonuses total $69.80… that’s more
than double your investment
for the Book & CD Combo!

Well, there you have it. With the book, CD and the four FREE bonuses , you’ll have the tools you need to start developing and maintaining a Wealth Mentality.

It is my sincerest wish that you dig into these resources and put the information to work for you. With the right mindset, strategies and consistent action, you can have the life you dreamed of!

Profitably yours,

Sherrin Ross Ingram

P.S. Just think! The next time you read a financial strategy book or pay big bucks to attend a financial seminar, you’ll be mentally ready to receive and apply the information and make a real difference in your financial life.

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